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Praying For Keeps “Virtual Reality” Blog #1

The majority of our conversations are surface level conversations. Rarely do we break through the surface to discuss the real and the raw, the deep issues in life. We put floaties on and cling to the edge of the pool in shallow water. However, our Heavenly Father is saying, “Come out into the deep end with Me”. Yet we dismiss Him and stay within our comfort zones. Well, it’s time for a vertical reality check, because the Bible says from Genesis to Revelation that God deeply desires to have two-way conversations with us. Thus, virtual reality is transparency before God.

Praying For Keeps “Prayer Conditioning” Blog #3

Many people are timid about prayer because they don’t know how to pray. Thus, I recommend adopting the P.R.A.Y. method. Each letter represents a crucial aspect of prayer: praise, repent, ask, and yield.
We should begin our prayers by praising God. Praise is expressing our love and adoration to the Lord. It is concentrating on His character attributes. For example, maybe this week you have felt impressed to praise God’s almighty power, His omnipotence. Say, “God, thank You for Your show of power in my situation at work”. Another part of praise is thanksgiving. One day Jesus came across ten lepers who stood at a distance and called out to Him for mercy.