Juicy Fruit “Faithfulness” Blog

Although the Holy Spirit guides us and reminds us of God’s faithfulness, we still must put forth great effort in every area of our lives. We are constantly tested in three places. First, God tests us with time. We all have a certain amount of time allotted us as a gift from a Holy God. He wants us to become great stewards of the minutes He has entrusted to us. How are you doing with your time? A lot of us need to simplify, to downsize in order to fulfill God’s plan and purpose. Believers, if you do not give Jesus Christ some serious moments every day, there is no way to accomplish what God desires for you to do. The more you elbow Him out and compartmentalize time spent with Him, the busier, and busier you will become, until your life starts spinning out of control. Yet, if you spend time with Jesus the first moments of every day, He will multiply your time. Time is a test of faith.